Going out and about in Aberdeen?  Do your bit with peace of mind
Whether you’re exercising, heading to the shop, jumping on public transport or going back to work, stick on a locally-made SQUAD snood and know you’re helping to protect yourself and others.
Walking, running or cycling?
High performance | Compact + Lightweight | Quick-drying | Protective yet breathable
Whether you know it as a protective snood, neck tube or face scarf, click here to get kitted out.
Need to be in a small space with other people?
Bus trips, supermarket visits and going to work will be daunting for a while. So, the government recommend covering your face at times like these when social distancing is tricky. click here for peace of mind; knowing your SNOOD is helping to protecting you and those around you.
Bringing your workforce back? Help to protect them.
Cost-effective | CSR-friendly | Customised to suit your brand
Whether onshore or offshore (snoods are perfect under a hard hat), make your team feel valued with branded and protective SQUAD snoods.
Planning ahead for when club training starts again?

Whether you’re under 9s or premier league,
kit your squad and their supporters out with your club’s very own protective SQUAD snood.

For you: Customised for your team, cost-effective and locally made

For your fans: Scarf, headband, bobble, desert scarf, beanie and wristband

For the team: High performance, compact and lightweight, quick-drying, protective yet breathable

Different ways to aid protection on different days in Aberdeen.

Snood | Headband | Bobble | Desert scarf | Beanie | Wristband

Your protective SQUAD snood will be one of the best little accessories you own.
click here to get a helping hand with protection now.

You’ll look good, too.
Take your pick from a range of colours and patterns.
You’re in good company – the likes of Aberdeen FC and Cove Rangers FC are fans of the protective SQUAD snood. click here to do your bit.